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Levana offers a dedicated learning experience for adults and children of all ages!

Conversational Hebrew

Tried and true learning methods to improve your speaking abilities at any level!

  • Listen to a native Hebrew speaker

  • Learn beyond simple textbook conversation

  • Cover Modern Hebrew slang and dialects

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Prepare your child for their big day with personalized tutoring from an experienced educator.

  • Torah Reading

  • Tropes, Haftorah Chanting

  • Complete Prayer Services

  • Friday Night, Shabbat Morning, and Havdalah services.

In-person &
Skype Sessions

Sessions can be arranged via in-person or over Skype!

  • Conveniences of learning from home or around the world.

  • Flexibility to meet on your schedule 

  • Group calls too

Contact Levana Today

(210) 771-3828

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