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Adults & Children of All Ages & Levels!

46 Years of Experience

Reading & Writing  // Aleph Bet  // Conversational Hebrew  // Daily Prayers  

 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation

 In-Person Sessions  // Skype Tutoring  //  Much More....

Student Writing
Adult Students
 Beginning or Advanced 
Judaic Studies
 Affordable Prices

Individual and Group Rates

Private and Hebrew Charter Schools

Experienced in teaching from the best Hebrew Language Programs, Textbooks and Learning Materials! Experienced teaching students of all ages and levels.

Interested in or going through Conversion?

For the past 35 years, I have helped individuals and groups from learning the Alef-Bet to understanding and knowing the Siddur!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Torah Reading, Tropes, Haftorah Chanting, Required Prayers by your Synagogue/Rabbi - from Friday Night service to Shabbat Musaf, to Havdalah!

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(210) 771-3828

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